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home staging

Realism comes to your home, A.PA.RA deco imagines your interior in 3D


a tool that will allow you to bring out the best assets of your property intended for sale or rental. Adopt a real estate marketing form at a lower cost thanks to photorealistic 3D.


Who said that embellishing is necessarily well rhymed with work!


You sell your property

Help your potential buyers to project this by immersing them faithfully in what their future home could be.

You rent your property

You wish to rehabilitate your accommodation intended for seasonal rental, A.PA.RA déco provides 3D  and a shopping list adapted to your budget. Charm your tenants with a decoration that makes your place unique.

Our concern, to be as close as possible to realism

A.PA.RA déco is therefore invited to your home to take measurements of the pieces to be transformed and discuss your desires. 

Pièce simple fonction

tête seul.png

à partir de 130€ *

Urban Bedroom


Salle à manger



Pièce technique

tête seul.png

à partir de 180€  *

Image de Hemant Kanojiya


Salle de bain

lingerie, buanderie...

Pièce multifonctions

tête seul.png

à partir de 250€ *

Interior Designing

Pièce multifonctions:

suite parentale,  séjour ouvert sur cuisine, salle à manger...

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